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Chatbots rock

Life, the Universe and chatbots.

10 reasons your business needs a chatbot

If you are still on the fence here are some reasons to embrace chatbots.

Google Home
Google aims for Home advantage

A few thoughts on the UK launch of Google Home.

Sound and vision: a quick 4K primer

A brief guide to Ultra HD and the future of display technology.

Apple Clips review

Some thoughts on this new social media video tool.

Woman using iPhone camera in a city
10 years of the iPhone

Today sees the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone being released. Let’s look at ten ways it's imp…

Cute robots
5 things you can do with chatbots

Facebook Messenger Bots are here to make your life easier and supercharge the customer experience.

Dotkumo Amazon Alexa Skill
Dotkumo Amazon Alexa Skill

Receive daily social media news and updates with the free Dotkumo Amazon Alexa Skill. Enable it toda…

iPhone X
iPhone X: the good, the bad and the indifferent

What the launch of the new Apple phone actually means.

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