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Dotkumo was established in 2017, and we work with a wide range of clients across multiple sectors both in the UK and internationally.

We really value our connections, and want to create collaborative working relationships with potential partners and peers alike. Our aim is to provide practical, honest advice and industry discussion.

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Emma Ashby

I have an extensive background in traditional media and digital advertising, having started in a media agency before Facebook ads existed.

I have enjoyed working with like-minded experts in independent agencies, building teams of media specialists and watching their careers develop.

As a freelancer, I now enjoy working with a diverse range of businesses and using my passion for creative to improve performance and demonstrating its impact.

Rich Ashby

Rich Ashby

I founded Dotkumo to offer brands effective and accessible digital and media solutions.

I recently worked on a project as Director of Media Strategy for a global organisation and enjoyed collaborating with teams across continents, uncovering market insights, recommending innovative solutions and presenting findings to the executive board.

I take a collaborative approach to audits and training, and embrace the fast-paced changes in digital, always striving to push the boundaries.


Rich and I worked together in 2022 to collaborate on the go-to-market launch of a major streaming service looking to expand into new European markets. Rich developed the media strategy for launch and beyond, applying an integrated approach across key markets, modifying with localization required to resonate in-region. The strategy was rooted in a deep understanding of the category and competitor landscape, consumer media habits, and media channel availability. Rich served as the steward of budget as well to ensure investment allocation and optimization to drive towards business goals, using complex reporting and measurement approaches to ensure targets were met. On top of the wealth of experience Rich brings to his clients across creative and analytical strategy, he is an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to hopefully partnering with him again in the future.

Sammy Rubin, Head of Media Strategy, Wpromote

Emma single handedly set up Epiphany’s programmatic and paid social team, creating a new department. Working across a range of competitive vertical markets, Emma led strong partnerships with a host of media owners and advertising platforms to embed a culture of data-lead, transparent, insightful and innovative marketing. Her in-depth knowledge, experience and ability to attract and nurture a talented team made her a huge asset to Epiphany and I would recommend her as a fantastic person to work with.

Tom Salmon, Managing Partner, Epiphany

Analytical and creative are the combination of words that come to mind when I think of Emma. I had the pleasure of working with Emma as a client for over two years, and was always impressed by her ability to apply her cool head and analytical approach.

Kate Barry – VP Advertising Solutions, EMEA Amobee

Richard is really great helping you understand the best way to utilise LinkedIn. He is extremely friendly and professional. I highly recommend Richard if you would like to expand your knowledge on LinkedIn or any other social media platform.

Raji Garawal – Property Investor

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