10 reasons your business needs a chatbot

Chatbots are destined to become an essential element in your marketing toolkit, with overall usage of messenger apps due to overtake that of social media in 2017.

So if you are still on the fence here are some reasons to embrace chatbots…

1. Meet customer expectations

We all live in a 24/7 culture and rightly have high expectations of excellent customer service. Small businesses obviously can’t resource a call centre, so chatbots help meet this need by providing quick answers to frequently asked queries and offering out of hours cover.

2. Change perceptions

Reputation is vital, and creating a Facebook Messenger chatbot will radically improve your reported response times leading to more positive first impressions and better word of mouth.

Facebook Messenger response time

3. Reach a wide audience

As messenger app usage continues to increase exponentially you have access to a vast global audience. Facebook Messenger chatbots also offer a wide range of automatic translation and localisation options.

4. Stand out

Chatbots are a great way to differentiate your business from competitors, and offer service above and beyond the norm.

5. Showcase new products and services

If you are launching new products or test markets chatbots are an excellent way of reaching customers who want to engage with your brand.

Product gallery

6. Boost your brand

A well designed chatbot will help communicate the personality of your brand, inspire trust and develop a rapport with your customers. Think of it as your automated digital ambassador.

7. Capture leads simply

Chatbots offer a simple, frictionless way of capturing customer information. For example you could collect mailing list sign-ups securely within the bot without the need to send your customers to your external website.

8. Understand your customers

Gain valuable insights into the behaviour of your customers, view commonly asked queries, get demographic data and more. This will help your business identify any product gaps, and stay in tune with the needs of your customers.

9. Get smart

The artificial intelligence that underpins chatbots is both powerful and flexible, with a key benefit  being that audience patterns can be identified to help improve the accuracy of responses over time.

10. Stay ahead of the curve

Every major tech company is investing heavily in this technology, so don’t get left behind. Having a chatbot for your business demonstrates a commitment to customer service and signals an innovative outlook.

Chatbots can be easily updated at any time, making them responsive to the needs of your customers. Unlike apps they do not require a time consuming approval process, so are agile and immediate.

If you’d like to find out how a Facebook chatbot can help your business, please get in touch.

2 thoughts on “10 reasons your business needs a chatbot”

  1. Very well written – bots will be the primary interaction channel of the future and holds a lot of promise against current and traditional formats. The challenge is to make the interaction design more intuitive, demystify the tech / engineering side to bring it into more acceptance of the masses by displaying value, and increase utilization for business cases. The 24×7 self service and intelligent nature of the format is already being used for customer service, conversational commerce, health tech and education. We have started on the journey at Engati, do visit us to give us feedback on http://www.engati.com – you can also read our collection of blogs on http://blog.engati.com/

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