Voice technology

56 million smart speakers are predicted to be sold in 2018.

Voice technology benefits

  • Content curation
    Deliver regular news, updates and information directly to your customers.
  • Lead generation
    Effortlessly capture leads via frictionless conversational interfaces.
  • Revenue generation
    Use paid subscriptions for premium services to provide regular income streams.
  • Immersive brand experiences
    Tell the story of your brand with engaging interactive conversations.

How Dotkumo can help

We offer the following services:

  • Conversational mapping
    Working with you to create rich, immersive conversations that engage and delight your audiences.
  • Content production and scriptwriting
    Assisting with audio production, music licensing and developing scripts.
  • Project planning and facilitation
    Supporting you through every stage of the project with clear and effective planning.
  • Technical consultancy
    Want to develop in-house? Not a problem. Dotkumo can offer technical advice and support to your teams.
  • Development
    Dotkumo can develop solutions for both Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.
  • Testing
    Ensuring your voice experience is robust, reliable and performs well.
  • Promotion
    Dotkumo can offer social media, online PR and campaign support across all channels.

Recent projects

  • Hearing Screener
    An interactive hearing assessment with seamless lead generation.
  • Leeds Digital Festival
    A daily news update for Alexa devices outlining events of the day and more.
  • Scary Movies
    An interactive film guide for Google Home devices and the Assistant app.
  • Coffee Wizard
    Find your perfect cup of coffee tailored to your personality by answering four simple questions.

Bespoke Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions could give your business a genuine competitive advantage. If you’d like to learn more please get in touch.

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