Social media

Dotkumo offer specialist social media advice and support, and have over 10 years experience.

Social media audits

We can examine your current social media accounts, measure performance and provide advice in the form of detailed reports. These include:

  • Audience and competitor analysis
  • Advice on the best tools for measuring your performance and ROI
  • Which channels will be the most effective for your business
  • The types of content that will receive the highest levels of audience engagement
  • Which new social media channels you should consider using
  • The optimal times and days for posting your content

Social media advertising

We can provide guidance and management of your social media advertising campaigns. Rather than try to sell you inappropriate solutions we will always advise where organic (non-paid) content will work best and complement paid activity.

Dotkumo can help set up targeted ad campaigns based on audience insights, and help you deliver campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and YouTube.

All campaigns come complete with detailed data-driven insights to help you make informed decisions.

Social media strategy

Whether you’re starting from scratch or working with an existing social media presence, Dotkumo can make it simpler to you to move forwards. We can help you:

  • Define a clear social media strategy with key performance indicators
  • Develop content strategies for each social media channel
  • Use data and insights effectively to drive traffic and boost sales
  • Produce style guides and tone of voice documents to help you connect with your audience and maintain a strong brand identity

Coaching and training

Once you have your social media channels up and running it’s vital to maintain momentum, and empower your staff to take ownership. We can develop custom training packages to meet all your needs ranging from individual sessions through to group training.

Explore the full potential of social media today by getting in touch.

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