Facebook chatbots

You’ve got a business and we understand you’re short of time.

Your customers are probably using Facebook, and you may already respond to feedback.

A chatbot can help provide better customer service by offering 24/7 customer support resulting in more potential leads and ultimately sales.

How do they work?

Artificial intelligence techniques are used to help answer questions, and customers can phrase questions in a natural way.

For example if someone asks, ‘what are your opening hours?’ the bot would respond with some standard text including this information. What might have previously taken five minutes to reply can now be answered immediately and professionally.

Key benefits

  • Chatbots provide quick and clear responses to questions out of hours.
  • Detailed data about who is using the chatbot is captured, and together with frequently asked questions help you to build a detailed profile of your customers.
  • Video, audio, offers and recent blog posts can all be included to provide a richer experience.
  • Customers can subscribe for updates, and receive regular news via notifications within Messenger.
  • Chatbots are flexible and responsive to the needs of your customers.


Interested in creating a chatbot for your business? Please get in touch to discuss. Our prices start from £350 with low monthly management fees, and can be designed to meet your needs and budget.

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