Podcast training

Our new podcast course is a practical three hour workshop that will equip attendees with all the skills they need to start their own podcast.


  • Deciding on your podcast theme
  • Finding your voice with tone and style
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Developing a season and episode schedule


  • Interview approaches
  • Setting up equipment
  • Recording techniques
  • Finding the best recording environments
  • Legal aspects including interviewee permissions

Editing and production

  • Exploring the editing process
  • Licensing music
  • Audio file formats
  • Fixing issues in post-production
  • Storage and archiving


  • Choosing your podcast platform
  • Packaging audio for distribution
  • Creating cover art
  • Setting up and validating your podcast feed
  • Distributing your podcast


  • Publicising your podcast via social media
  • Understanding podcast analytics
  • Responding to listener feedback

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