CREPT is new model to help assess social media disinformation risks, and provide an easily understandable content overview to help us all make informed decisions.

This is based on five factors:

  • Credibility
    What is the source of the story? Can it be verified and trusted? A fully sourced article published by the New York Times would carry more weight than a blog post without attribution.
  • Reach
    How widely is the news circulating? Is it a local phenomenon or global?
  • Engagement
    How are people interacting with the story? Is it being actively shared or commented upon?
  • Propaganda
    Does the story advance a specific political agenda? Is it being coordinated by a national government or unspecified financial backers?
  • Threat level
    Are there significant risks to public safety, health or wider society resulting from the story? Has the story been published with the intention of causing harm or inciting criminal activity?

Key principles of CREPT

  • CREPT is an open system that invites scrutiny and review
  • CREPT Ratings are peer reviewed to prevent bias and potential infiltration by bad actors
  • Evidence based
  • Platform agnostic
  • Apolitical
  • Not affiliated to or funded by any specific organisation

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