As a voice-first company we are incredibly excited by the opportunities audio technology offers. We can help you reach new audiences, provide innovative brand experiences and stay competitive in this rapidly growing sector.

How Dotkumo can help

We offer the following services:

  • Conversational mapping
    Working with you to create rich, immersive conversations that engage and delight your audiences.
  • Content production and scriptwriting
    Assisting with audio production, voice over talent, music licensing and developing scripts.
  • Project planning and facilitation
    Supporting you through every stage of the project with clear and effective planning.
  • Technical consultancy
    Prefer to develop in-house? Not a problem. Dotkumo can offer technical advice and support to your teams.
  • Development
    Dotkumo can develop solutions for both Amazon Alexa and Google Nest devices.
  • Testing
    Ensuring your voice experience is robust, reliable and performs well.
  • Promotion
    Dotkumo can offer social media, online PR and campaign support across all channels.

Voice technology benefits

  • Immersive brand experiences
    Tell the story of your brand with engaging interactive conversations, and innovative audio experiences.
  • Content curation
    Deliver regular news, updates and information directly to your customers.
  • Lead generation
    Effortlessly capture leads via frictionless conversational interfaces.
  • Revenue generation
    Use paid subscriptions for premium services to provide regular income streams.

Ready to join the voice revolution? Start a conversation with us today.

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